akp are adding to their free feminine hygiene products initiative which was rolled out in 2022 to now include environmentally friendly disposable sanitary bins across all akp welfare facilities.

After embracing the Grace & Green complimentary plastic-free sanitary products last year, akp have taken the initiative one step further ensuring that all toilet welfare facilities are fitted with a cost effective compliant sanitary waste disposal facility.

Roz Malcolm, Director at akp said:

50% of the akp board are female, something you perhaps don’t find very often in a Main Contractor or across the construction industry full stop.

So, what better time to champion the conversation of how businesses can support those whether it be via complimentary responsibly packaged sanitary products and disposal or by encouraging the conversation surrounding menopause in the workplace, as was the case in a workshop that we ran in 2022, highlighting small changes in the workplace and general awareness amongst colleagues.

Enhancing minimum standards around toilet facilities for all employees is something that I would encourage all businesses to adopt. Not only is it an opportunity to boost social value and minimise harmful effects on the environment it also goes some way to address the lack of gender diversity in construction.

Making sites more inclusive through initiatives like this is important, with many women taking time away from the workplace during their period. Knowing that these products and compliant disposal are available at work no matter the setting, on site or in the office environment, may seem like a small gesture – but given that periods affect around half the population it is something we wanted to do across our sites.

As the cost-of-living crisis takes hold and with average periods lasting about five days, it can cost up to £8 a month for sanitary products, and some women struggle to afford the cost.


Jacqui Ritchie of Maintainit, akp Supply Chain Partner commented:

“Maintainit are delighted to work alongside akp in implementing this scheme. It is encouraging to see a main contractor leading the way in supporting a female workforce in construction”.

Free feminine hygiene products on akp sites are not just any old products….. they are Grace & Green 100% Organic Cotton and 100% Plastic-Free.

The pink Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins remove the need for traditional sanitary bin supplier contracts and are already in use across many organisations including multiple NHS sites.

And, yes that is a black plastic box you see in the picture, but it’s an upcycled box made from recycled household plastic waste!