With COP26 upon us the team at akp can’t emphasis enough that changes in the office, on site and during the working day, small or large changes, can all help in tackling climate change.

We created a “Green Team” who analyse the choices we make as a business and identify what steps can be taken to make greener choices on our projects and across the business as a whole.
Initiatives such as:

  • reducing plastics on sites by ceasing the lamination of signs and using recycled corex or similar products instead.
  • making sure recycling stations are found within welfare / canteen facilities.
    recycling printer cartridges.
  • diverting waste from landfill and instead working with a local allotment to repurpose waste.
  • paper cups and reusable bottles at water stations.
  • giving clients the option to work with our local supply chain partners, thus reducing travel time to site and reducing emission.

Everyone can do their bit, no matter the business size. Go on, have think and make some changes.